Tool Room :
“Manufacturer Of all Types of Plastic Injection Molds, Dies & Fixtures for Automotive, Farming ,Electrical & Luggage Industries.”
To be “Plastic experts with one stop solution and Becoming a world class in Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing Industry by Manufacturing Critical Tools.
About Us
SIP MOULDS Pvt Ltd is a specialized with Complete Independent Set Up of Tool Room and Sister Concern firm of Satish Group of Industries based    in Nasik started in Year 2009.
"Customer satisfaction through precision working" is our chant for the success. We are team of highly experienced & dedicated mould makers.
We are known for the best tooling facilities amongst our customers. Our biggest strength is our technical team including engineers, designers,    programmers & machinist who are trained & committed for continuous innovations.
We are specialized in designing & manufacturing moulds for plastic injection. We are engaged in Automotive, Electrical & Luggage sectors with over    hundreds of successful projects.
We provide design & manufacturing feasibility solutions as well & We are also capable of Independent product design & development as per    customer's requirement.
Sr. No.   Machine Description   Capacity ( WRK PIECE CAN LOAD )   Quality
1.   VMC /ZNC   BED SIZE  1219 X 457   (1016 X660  x635) Travel)   1
2.   SURFACE GRINDER   BED SIZE (500 X1000) WORKPICE: 1000 X 500 X 500)   1
3.   EDM Sparking Machine - ZNC    550X 350 X 250   2
4.   EDM Normal Machine   500 X 300 X 200   1
5.   DRO Milling Machine   400 X 350 X 100   1
6.   Heavy Duty Milling Machine   750 X 580 X 350   2
7.   Lathe Machine   Dia 350 MM x L=500 MM   1
8.   Radial Drilling Machine   800 / 38 MM   1
9.   DRO Milling Machine   500X 1000 (2SETTING) X 200   1
10.   POWER SAW    200 (W) X 200 (TCK)   1
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